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Baskets from JoJo is a nonprofit gift basket foundation created
to honor the life of Nancy Jo Weinberger.


As a result of monetary and product donations, Baskets From JoJo creates gift baskets and delivers them to cancer patients going through treatment.


Baskets from JoJo's mission is to bring a smile to a stranger's face by letting them know they are brave, loved and not alone.


 We are honored to be able to fulfill Nancy's dream of gifting baskets to others. We thank you, our community, for helping us make this nonprofit possible.

Our Inspiration


Nancy Jo was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in November of 2015. Like all cancer patients, she fought a courageous battle and never gave up.


A life full of generosity, grace and selflessness; Nancy put others before herself each and every day of her life.


Nancy had a passion for creating care baskets. She delivered baskets to friends, family and strangers to lift their spirits in times of sorrow, and to celebrate with them on joyous occasions.

Nancy's dream was to create a gift basket company. Before Nancy passed we shared our vision of Baskets From JoJo with her. With tears of joy in her eyes, she was honored to hear her dream would come true.

Through this foundation, we strive to keep Nancy's selfless spirit and generous heart shining bright in others' lives. We hope to bring a smile to a stranger's face by gifting them a basket filled with encouragement and essential goods.


Erin Fransen

Megan Peterson

Brody Peterson

Dustin Weinberger

Derek Weinberger

Mike Weinberger

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